Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Emmy, Another Wait for a Wait, among other things

Our new pets that came with the house!

the smiling fur person!

The Bean and her fur person

A week before the Emmy's that are televised, the technical Emmys are handed out also in grand style in Century City. We are so excited to give our congratulations to our good friend Christian Sebaldt for winning his first Emmy for cinematography on CSI, and also to his wife Mary, who holds down the fort while he works the crazy long hours and takes care of sweet Luke. We are so happy for them!

The Bean started school a week ago. Can I mention way earlier than I was ready for! What happened to after Labor Day? Last week after each school day she looked at me and said "Mummy, I'm brain fried," and boy, did she look it! This second week is looking more manageable, but I do miss having my Bean around during the day. She is a crack up and a lot of fun to be around! But there again, I am getting more stuff done...

And now, about the wait. So first it was the wait for the referral right? Honestly, as I've mentioned before, it went by quite quickly until WE HIT RAINY SEASON. Yup, rainy season wasn't in my thoughts or my plans, and now time has slowed to a screeching halt. Seriously, it has taken me by surprise how hard this time has been. Once we saw the pics of the two sweet little girls, their huge brown loving eyes, the cutest little mouths, and their little peanut bodies all I want to do is scoop them up, hold them, rock them and be their mummy. I do think that waiting for the court date is hard, but now it's waiting for the courts to re-open to be able to wait for the court date. It seems like a never-ending horizon of time. Yes, I know eventually we'll get there, but after seeing the photos it is lloonngg. I do want to say thank you to all those that got in touch after our referral for all your kind words and support. It is so nice to know you're all out there :)

My blog-post disclaimer: I'm hoping when I re-read this in a week it'll be coherant and make sense with not too many spelling problems. Last Thursday the Dr decided I couldn't wait 'til my surgery date to have my gallbladder out and we did the surgery last Friday. I had this idea that since it was laproscopic we'd whip it out, I'd be a tad sore, but we'd go on. Not! I was definitely more sore than I had thought and can only thank my incredible, patient, kind husband for getting me through the weekend. Oh, and the vicodin. Usually I won't take the stuff, but this weekend it was a necessity, but the haze is yukky. John took such good care of me, patiently helped me walk, put up with my squawking when he helped me lie down. I am such a lucky woman :) Anyway, much better today and I'm hoping he can come home to a home-cooked meal tonight.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a week

I can't believe how fast this last week flew by. On Monday morning I woke up my mind was totally focused on calling the doctor at 9am (looked like I might have to have my gallbladder removed) what I would have to pack for The Bean to stay at her friends house, all that I'd have to reschedule etc etc. When the phone rang at 8am I looked at caller ID, saw 817, and couldn't figure out where 817 was. DUH. I know! What waiting family doesn't know what 817 is? How many blog entries have I read about looking for the 817 ID? Thank goodness i picked up. Honestly I thought about not because I thought it could be a telemarketer! Then when Sara said it was her it still didn't raise a flag. We were very certain we'd be waiting until at least the end of November. Part of this was mental preservation to make the wait easier, but also the reality of the average months of the list, especially with siblings. Then I thought she was calling to followup about something we were chatting about the week before. It's amazing how much can go through your mind in a split second! Then when she said she had our referral I was shocked. The most shocked I have ever been in my entire life. I mean ever. The only thing I could say was 'No' 'Oh my Gosh' 'No you're Kidding' 'No, really?' Over and over again. The Bean was in the room and getting a completely worried look on her face because it sounded like something was very wrong, so I told her it was our referral and she got so excited that she almost started hyperventilating! Perfect! I can't remember if I told Sara I had to call her back or if she told me to call her back after I found John and took care of Emma but there we go! When I finally got word to John, got him home and we called her back I was still so shocked that I was having a hard time remembering how to work the computer properly and it seemed to take forever to figure out how to download the attachment. I was in a total dither which is pretty unlike me!!!! Then wow, twins! The weird thing is for the past 4-6 weeks or so The Bean has been referring to them as twins and we've been laughing at her. The other cool thing is they were born on John's Fathers birthday. He died a couple of years ago, and John's sister Laurie said this was his way of saying everything was going to be ok and it was a good thing. Life is good:) Now we had better start fixing up the nursery and unpacking the rest of the boxes in the house!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our referral :)

We are so excited. John made it home and we called Sara. We are going to be parents to 3 month old twin girls. Yay!!! We are really so amazed and thankful, but also humbled. As happy as we are I am also thinking of their birthmother and this hard, courageous decision she made. Tonight she will be in our prayers as well as these sweet babies.

The Call!!!!!

Oh, my goodness. Sara called at 8am, and said she had our referral. Total shock, surprise, excitement. Totally unprepared! Went to call John and realized he'd left his Blackberry in the kitchen and I had to get a message to him on set in the middle of Simi Valley somewhere. His office found him. He's on his way home. The Bean and I have run around trying to find the still and video cameras in the midst of moving boxes. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to find out who our babies are. Hoping he'll be home SOON.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Bean!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea:)

The card that told her she was getting the long-asked-for hamster for her birthday!

The Bean, her BFF, and Molly her hamster

Yesterday was The Bean's 12th birthday - yay! I can't believe she's twelve:) My babys a tween. Yikes!!!! It was a day to remember for me because after she found out we were giving her a hamster, I spent the whole morning with her telling me I was the best Mummy ever, and how kind I was. Ahhhh. Soak it in because with this age I might not be tomorrow. Three pet store stops by 9am and we had found the perfect hamster - Molly. Likes to be held, doesn't bite, totally cute to boot. You know, the basics. The Bean had an awesome day, and then our family came over to swim, BBQ and do cupcakes for dinner. Happy Birthday Bean!

We're also thinking about 'No Blog - P Family.' We're keeping our fingers crossed for you that you get the call SOON! It's almost an 11 month pregnancy and we hope you have good news next week!!!