Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Part two...

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The three of as at the beach - one of my favorite places to be!

The Bean and her dog 'Spu.' She's growing up so fast and is such a dear, kind, very funny, smart, well-behaved (at least the majority of the time!) little person. Ok, I'm biased, but in this instance right! I love watching her grow up, she amazes me, but I'm glad she's still at the age when she'll go from being the big girl to still wanting long cuddles. I love when I go in to wake her up she still looks little and is all warm and cuddly. Usually I crawl into bed with her for a few minutes (joined by Spu) to help her get the day going. We chat about the day or nonsense, and then snuggle after school too for a few minutes. I love these times with her.

I became an Aunt!!! Yay! I have great nieces and nephews from John's side of the family, but Ian is my sister's first child and I am so excited. He is this lovely, precious, perfect little man. He has this sweet little face that he makes into the funniest faces and squeeks so sweetly. He has the same head shape as the Bean which was fun! He has that lovely baby smell and if we are around him too much will probably never learn to walk because we all want to carry him around and no-ones giving him up easily! Welcome to our family little man.

My sister, Abi, baby Ian, and me

June is a big month!

Happy Father's Day to my kind, wise, funny, handsome, wonderful, hardworking, best Dad ever husband! How lucky I am :)

We ran away to sea! With the chaos in our lives the past 6 months, the upcoming move and new construction, we had 3 minutes to decide whether to take this cruise to Mexico and said what the heck, lets go. We really needed to get away for a few days. This is John and the Bean parasailing while I stayed with my feet firmly planted on the ground, trying not to panic that they were so high up, and especially not trying to panic as they plummeted back towards earth way too fast with the guys on the beach shouting frantically for John to pull some rope harder. They landed safely thank goodness! A once in a lifetime experience as far as I'm concerned!

The Bean LOVES animals.

"No, it can't come home with us"

Just love this goofy girl!